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  • efolkMusic.com, a site specializing in folk music of all sorts
  • cdbaby.com, a site specializing in CDs by independent musicians of all styles. Based here in Portland, Oregon
  • Artrageous Designs -- not a place to buy my CDs, but a place to buy how to draw DVDs. Some of my music can be heard on the "Easy 2 Draw Dinos with Cordi" DVD.

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Other Portland-Area Bands

  • Misty River -- "Compelling Voices of Acoustic Americana." Chris Kokesh and Laura Quigley, who joined me on Organically Grown, are members.
  • The ByrdBrains, a great band that covers The Byrds and beyond, and allows me the honor playing with them on Eight Miles High.

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  • Australia New Zealand Guesthouse, Selçuk, Turkey. Some people go the extra mile. The folks at the ANZ Guesthouse went the extra 150 kilometers to help us out of a jam. Great food, too!

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