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Coming soon, 3rd Millennium Words Fair, with
Colleen O'Shea Jones on Flute and Abbie Steiling on Violin
at Tavern of Fine Arts, Tuesday, July 28th at 8:00 pm.

Welcome to the website for Michael Hagmeier and Frieda Bear Music.

Why "Frieda Bear Music"? Frieda was a cat who was with me when I first started playing didjeridu. She was wary of it at first (and as most of us who learn how to play, it was worthy of wariness at that stage of the game. She quickly learned to love the sound of the didjeridu, and would lay across my shoulders as I played. She was a cat with definite tastes in music, with a particular affinity for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Why that was, I'll never know.

Because of her love of the didj, and because she was a very special cat, I've honored her by using her name with my music.